Mervue Pro-Bio Plus 胃腸爽益生菌康復凝膏 30ml
Mervue Pro-Bio Plus 胃腸爽益生菌康復凝膏 30ml

Mervue Pro-Bio Plus 胃腸爽益生菌康復凝膏 30ml

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避免動物缺糧,請預至少7天前訂購。Mervue Pro-Bio Plus 胃腸爽益生菌康復凝膏 30ml

Product Description


Mervue Pro-Bio Plus 胃腸爽益生菌康復凝膏 30ml


食物不耐受                                   -應激條件下

抗生素治療後的腸道菌群紊亂    -糧食的轉換

體內驅蟲後                                   -中毒

for Dogs, Puppies, Cats & Kittens 



Pro Bio+:混合型益生菌能有助於維持微生物的正常平衡。促進消化,增強腸道抵抗力。

Pro Bio+:混合型益生菌刺激腸道有益微生物的生長和活動,有利於犬、貓的健康。Pro Bio PLUS,混合型益生菌同時也 能抑制犬、貓有害細菌的生長。

Product Description

Probiotic recovery gel containing beneficial bacteria stabilising the intestinal flora and physiological digestion in case of diarrhoea or digestive disturbance caused by:

–           Food intolerance

–           A disturbed intestinal flora after antibiotic treatment

–           After de-worming

–           Stress full conditions

–           Change of feed

–           Poisoning

Feeding Instructions:

Feed 2-3 times a day

Puppies (up to 3kg):             1ml

Small dogs (up to 5kg):        2ml

Medium dogs (5kg to 15kg):            3ml

Large dogs (15 to 30kg):     5ml

Kittens:           1ml

Cats:    2ml

Feed by mouth or add to food for as long as considered necessary

Veterinary Top Feeding Tips for cats

•          Place the paste on the noise of the cat or front paws and the cat will               lick the paste

•          Mix the paste in cat food. Mixing in wet food always makes life                         easier.

•          Place the paste on your finger and then gently into the cats mouth.

For oral animal use.

Do not exceed recommended amount. is not responsible for typographical errors. We strive to keep the most current information on our website, however sometimes ingredients, the guaranteed analysis and packaging can change. Please check the manufacturer's website for the most current product information 動物醫院購物網不保證文字上的失誤. 我們會盡量去更新資料的準確性, 但基於廠方或代理會不定期更改成份,包裝等我們無法控制的因素. 客人如需要最準確的產品資料, 請查詢產品的官方網頁.


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