Ferplast 意大利胸帶 (啡色) 40-50cm
Ferplast 意大利胸帶 (啡色) 40-50cm

Ferplast 意大利胸帶 (啡色) 40-50cm

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型 號: FP032019


避免動物缺糧,請預至少7天前訂購。A: 40-50cm B: 57-67cm

Product Description


A: 40-50cm 

B: 57-67cm


可配 Ferplast 意大利 Circus Lead拖帶  SIZE:20mm X L 120cm

Giotto leather dog harnesses correctly distribute your dog's pulling force and avoid damage or injury to his neck. The entire range of Giotto dog harnesses are equipped with the innovative, patented, micro-regulating system and can be adapted perfectly to your dog's size. 

This leather beige-coloured version has some small metal applications with the shape of pyramids making it very original and captivating: perfect for dogs who want to distinguish from the others! 

You could also find Giotto Luxor harnesses in the versions made of black coloured leather. All harnesses are adjustable to dogs of all sizes: you will have in fact three sizes available to choose from. Besides, to be always trendy and abreast with the times, the harnesses are matchable with the collars of the same range.

Made of leather with small pyramids metal applications

Patented micro-regulation system

Perfect wearability and great comfort for your dog

Three different sizes available

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