Andis-Professional Single Speed Clippe專業單速電剪
Andis- 專業單速電剪

Andis- 專業單速電剪

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Andis-Professional Single Speed Clippe

Product Description

Andis-Professional Single Speed Clippe專業單速電剪

商品規格 : 220V 產品簡介 :專業單速電剪;機身輕巧,機身不燙手,減低因長期操作導致手腕疲勞,機身連刀頭重量為1lb,是美容師最佳選擇;摩打寧靜,AG刀頭使用炭鋼材料,堅硬和耐用;推動式鎖定制,方便美容工作時使用。 每套包括Andis® 電剪、#10刀頭、潤滑油,固定器及使用說明書。                              

*購買無線電剪均包括 10號刀頭一個及潤滑劑一支。

Andis AGC2 2-Speed Professional Clipper

Powerful single speed motor clipper designed for professional use. 
2700 spm blade speed. 
Runs so cool, fans and air vents that can become clogged with hair are not needed. 
Quiet operation to please even the most sensitive animal. 
Removable drive cap for easy cleaning. 
Locking blade hinge keeps blade secure. 
Break resistant housing material, withstands harsh chemicals. 
Sealed motor for cool, quiet long-life. 
Maintenance free - no oiling or greasing of internal parts is needed. 
Detachable blades for ease of changing and cleaning. 
Features 12' heavy duty cord. 
Works with all UltraEdge™ and CeramicEdge™ blades (sold separately) - the largest selection in the industry.
Blades also compatible with Oster® Model A-5 and most detachable-type clippers. 
INCLUDES: clipper, size 10 UltraEdge™ blade, and clipper oil. is not responsible for typographical errors. We strive to keep the most current information on our website, however sometimes ingredients, the guaranteed analysis and packaging can change. Please check the manufacturer's website for the most current product information 動物醫院購物網不保證文字上的失誤. 我們會盡量去更新資料的準確性, 但基於廠方或代理會不定期更改成份,包裝等我們無法控制的因素. 客人如需要最準確的產品資料, 請查詢產品的官方網頁.


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