Andis-ST6 Lonic Ceramic Pet Drye陶瓷發熱負離子風筒(座枱式)
Andis- 陶瓷發熱負離子風筒(座枱式)

Andis- 陶瓷發熱負離子風筒(座枱式)

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型 號: CV80455


Andis-ST6 Lonic Ceramic Pet Drye

Product Description

Andis-ST6 Lonic Ceramic Pet Drye陶瓷發熱負離子風筒(座枱式)




Powerful, quiet, 3 heat/2 air speeds, cool setting for safer drying
Cool shot button for versatility
Stand adjusts to 5 different positions for the perfect drying angle that can be positioned for any size dog
Can be used with or without stand
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