EPIOTIC® Advanced Ear Cleanser 洗耳水125ml
EPIOTIC® Advanced Ear Cleanser 洗耳水125ml

EPIOTIC® Advanced Ear Cleanser 洗耳水125ml

型 號: V06-125ML


 避免動物缺糧,請預至少7天前訂購。EPI-OTIC Advanced Ear Cleanser

Product Description


EPI-OTIC Advanced Ear Cleanser

A well tolerated, efficient ear cleanser that facilitates the removal of cellular debris and excessive wax as well as the drying of the ear canal.  The inclusion of monosaccharides has a soothing effect (anti-irritant) as well as limiting the bonding of microorganisms (anti-adhesive) to the skin surface.  Because of its neutral pH, EPI-OTIC® Advanced Ear Cleanser should not interfere with other ear preparations. 

EPI-OTIC Advanced Ear Cleanser is recommended for the routine cleansing of ears in dogs and cats or prior to the application of ear preparations.  

Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use             

- Identified uses :             Ear cleanser for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens            
- Restrictions on Use :     For animal use only. Available through licensed veterinarians only

Synonyms: This product is a mixture.   
Component Name                
                    CAS Number          Concentration
Diethylene glycol
monoethyl ether    111-90-0                    1 - 5%
Salicylic Acid                                              69-72-7                      0.2%  

1. 清洗及清潔耳道與外耳
2. 旋轉塑膠瓶蓋將瓶子打開
3. 將瓶子頂端置入耳內並擠壓瓶身將洗耳水擠入耳道內直到完全填滿為止
4. 溫柔地按摩外耳道基部數秒鐘以使潔耳液達到耳道底部
5. 任其停留並作用幾分鐘
6. 允許寵物甩掉多餘的洗耳水
7. 清潔外耳並擦去過剩的洗耳水

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