Tav Vet Natural Companion - 強力奧米加150 (120粒)
Tav Vet 強力奧米加150 (120粒)

Tav Vet 強力奧米加150 (120粒)

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Product Description


Tav Vet Natural Companion - Omega 150 
護皮膚 / 護毛髮 / 護心臟 / 增強貓犬皮毛光澤

市面一般的貓犬營養均衡飼料品牌,必需脂肪酸含量都訂在較低水平, 不足以保持動物最佳狀態, 附加適量的Omega 3脂肪酸,不單能保健抗病,更能令寵物皮毛亮麗光澤,Omega 3能抵抗炎症,保持良好血液循環和心臟正常運作。

含豐富Omega 3、EPA、DHA、維生素E及生物素 (Biotin),有效幫助:
- 維持貓犬皮毛健康、柔順、豐滿亮澤及預防心血管疾病。
- 皮膚病問題、如脫毛、乾燥、痕癢,稀疏。。。
- 治療皮膚乾燥、毛色暗啞、皮屑過多、脫毛,痕癢、皮脂漏。。。

- EPA 90mg
- DHA 60mg
- 維生素E 10mg
- 生物素 28mcg


每5kg體重1粒, 每天1次,5kg以下體重貓犬每隔1天1粒。

服用Omega 150 四星期後,如皮毛變得更光亮潤澤,可將用量減半。

OMEGA150 is a dietary supplement containing essential fatty acid and vitamins for pets. Most pet foods contain only minimum requirement of essential fatty acids which is just not sufficient for optimal health. Whether your dog or cat is healthy or fighting a disease, supplementing its diet with additional Omega 150 will provide numerous benefits and health insurance. Good supplies of Omega 3 fatty acids will produce anti-inflammatory eicosanoids that help maintaining healthy skin and coat, normal blood circulation and heart function. 

Dosage: 1 capsule per 5kg bodyweight once daily or as recommended by your veterinarian. Dogs and cats under 5kg bodyweight 1 capsule every other day. 

If coat and skin condition improve significantly within 4 weeks after administration, halve above dosage. 

Capsule may be given direct for chewing or punctured and liquid may be squeezed onto pet's food. 

Each 500mg capsule contains EPA 90mg, DHA 60mg, Vit. E 1 Omg, Biotin 28mcg 

Storage below 25°C 

Gelatin BSE free. European origin. Non irradiated gluten free.

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