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Resvantage Canine 維蘆醇 30粒- 狗狗配方 

  • 型號: PP6611
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RESVANTAGE®維蘆醇源自美國,主要活性成分為白藜蘆醇 (Resveratrol) 。它是近年來深受國際學者及腫瘤科專家關注的新-代抗衰老及抗癌選擇。白藜蘆醇的機理在於它能激活-個名為 SIRT-1 的基因,從而達致抗衰老及抗癌功效。是一個真正從基因層面開始改善疾病,延長壽命的活性成分。

​ RESVANTAGE®維蘆醇狗狗配方 

白藜蘆醇 (提取自天然植物 "虎杖")


海藻 (Atlantic Kelp): 含豐富維他命,微量元素和氨基酸,提供全面營養之外,海藻也是豐富碘質的來源。幫助維持甲狀腺健康,並改善消化系統和減輕老年階段所出現的壓力和情緒不安。

亞麻籽油 (Flaxseed oil): 是豐富奧米加3來源,幫助改善皮膚乾燥和發炎,增加毛髮光澤,減少脫毛現象。奧米加3更可降低甘油三酯和膽固醇,維持心血管健康。

卵磷脂(Lecithin): 減輕老年痴呆和記憶力衰退問題,幫助穩定情緒。同時卵磷脂促進新陳代謝,減少脂肪積聚在肝臟。

Suggested Use:

Give dogs 1 capsule daily for every 1-30 lbs. If giving more than one capsule daily, divide between AM and PM. Suggested dose may be increased safely for acute/severe conditions.


Not for puppies less than six (6) months old. Do not give to dogs with an established sensitivity to iodine.

Response to supplements varies by individual. If your pet exhibits any symptoms that concern you, discontinue use and contact your veterinarian.