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品牌: Buster 型號: BT279806
Buster 狗狗充氣式頸圈 (Size: L)防刮柔軟設計,有別於一般傳統頭罩寵物戴上後仍可自由活動,相當舒服,亦可如常進食飲水及睡覺,不會阻礙牠的視線。可當睡枕使用,讓她能安枕入眠。- 耐用- 可機先- 可重用- 尼龍物料產品尺寸內圍直徑 - 16cm外圍直徑 - 30.50cm適合犬隻品種279806 (L) 洛威拿、大丹犬使用說明充氣後即可使用,不用時可將氣體擠出易於收藏。如寵物有佩戴頸帶,可將頸帶穿入頸圈內的三個套環裏,把魔術貼黏上即可。..
品牌: Buster 型號: BT279805
Buster 狗狗充氣式頸圈 (Size: M)防刮柔軟設計,有別於一般傳統頭罩寵物戴上後仍可自由活動,相當舒服,亦可如常進食飲水及睡覺,不會阻礙牠的視線。可當睡枕使用,讓她能安枕入眠。- 耐用- 可機先- 可重用- 尼龍物料產品尺寸內圍直徑 - 11cm外圍直徑 - 25.50cm適合犬隻品種279805 (M)金毛尋回犬丶拉布拉多犬使用說明充氣後即可使用,不用時可將氣體擠出易於收藏。如寵物有佩戴頸帶,可將頸帶穿入頸圈內的三個套環裏,把魔術貼黏上即可。..
品牌: Buster 型號: BT279804
Buster 狗狗充氣式頸圈 (Size: S)防刮柔軟設計,有別於一般傳統頭罩寵物戴上後仍可自由活動,相當舒服,亦可如常進食飲水及睡覺,不會阻礙牠的視線。可當睡枕使用,讓她能安枕入眠。- 耐用- 可機先- 可重用- 尼龍物料產品尺寸內圍直徑 - 7cm外圍直徑 - 22cm適合犬隻品種279804 (S)史賓格犬、邊界牧羊犬使用說明 充氣後即可使用,不用時可將氣體擠出易於收藏。如寵物有佩戴頸帶,可將頸帶穿入頸圈內的三個套環裏,把魔術貼黏上即可。..
品牌: Buster 型號: BT279807
Buster 狗狗充氣式頸圈 (Size: XL)防刮柔軟設計,有別於一般傳統頭罩寵物戴上後仍可自由活動,相當舒服,亦可如常進食飲水及睡覺,不會阻礙牠的視線。可當睡枕使用,讓她能安枕入眠。- 耐用- 可機先- 可重用- 尼龍物料產品尺寸內圍直徑 - 18cm外圍直徑 - 36cm適合犬隻品種279807 (XL)約瑟爹你、蝴蝶犬使用說明充氣後即可使用,不用時可將氣體擠出易於收藏。如寵物有佩戴頸帶,可將頸帶穿入頸圈內的三個套環裏,把魔術貼黏上即可。..
品牌: Buster 型號: BT279808
Buster 狗狗充氣式頸圈 (Size: XS)防刮柔軟設計,有別於一般傳統頭罩寵物戴上後仍可自由活動,相當舒服,亦可如常進食飲水及睡覺,不會阻礙牠的視線。可當睡枕使用,讓她能安枕入眠。- 耐用- 可機先- 可重用- 尼龍物料產品尺寸內圍直徑 - 5cm外圍直徑 - 16cm適合犬隻品種279808 (XS) 獵狐爹利、積羅素使用說明充氣後即可使用,不用時可將氣體擠出易於收藏。如寵物有佩戴頸帶,可將頸帶穿入頸圈內的三個套環裏,把魔術貼黏上即可。 is not responsible for typographical error..
品牌: Dr. Pet 型號: DrPet_DogCat_Anti-FleaTickShampoo_250ml
Dr.Pet Anti-Flea& Anti-Tick Shampoo 250ml• Contains Pyrethrum which naturally repels and kills insects• Prevents the attachment of fleas & ticks on skin for up to three daysIngredientsPyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide, N-octyl Bicycloheptene DicarboximideThe pictures are for reference only, new..
品牌: Dr. Pet 型號: DrPet_DogCat_SkinSpray_236-6ml
Dr.Pet Antifungal & Antiseptic Skin Spray 236.6ml EXP (30/06/2026)• Against fungal infections such as ringworm• Treats bacterial infections which lead to pyoderma, including folliculitis, impetigo and interdigital pyoderma• Alleviates allergies due to fleas, food, environment or hereditary• Tack..
品牌: Dr. Pet 型號: DrPet_DogCat_EyeSolution_50ml
Dr.Pet Antiseptic Eye Solution 50ml EXP (30/09/2025)• Removes Debris• Prevents bacterial eye infections• Relieves pain and soothe eye dryness and discomfortIngredientsAqua, Disodium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium EDTA, Matricaria Chamomilla, Euphrasia Officinalis, Polyaminopropyl biguanideThe pi..
品牌: Dr. Pet 型號: DrPet_DogCat_OralHealth_50g
Dr.Pet Dual Algae Oral Health Plaque Remover 50g EXP (30/11/2026)• Prevent, Softens & Removes Tartar and Plaque• Assists in the Healing of Oral Wounds• Tackles Oral InflammationsIngredientsSeaweed Meal, Chlorella, Parsley, Botanical Grasses, Herbs, Legume Plants, Sage LeavesThe pictures are for ..
品牌: Feliway 型號: Feliway_HappyMultiCat_Refill
FELIWAY - MultiCat Calming Pheromone 30 Day Refill 48ml (No BOX) (Parallel Import)FELIWAY is vet recommended, and the #1 selling solution: FELIWAY MultiCat may help to reduce common signs of tension between cats at home such as conflict, fighting, chasing and blocking84% of Cat Owners saw significan..
$217.0 $265.0
品牌: L' Amar 型號: CV_DV-20
L' Amar Derma Vet Herbal Wound Healing Cream 20g (Exp. 01/2026)Indications: antibacterial, antifungal, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, effective for traumatic skinusage1. Spread the ointment evenly on the entire wound surface.2. 2 times a day, no need to bandage the wound.3. After the skin..
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